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Charger plus NB batteries. Automatically selected combinations of shutter speeds and aperture values can be freely changed without altering the exposure Program Shift.

Page 36 Lightly press shutter button pressing halfway to focus. Each m enu item has three choices. Perform the same steps on the other side canon s2 is manual pdf download the camera. Use this method to download images using camera operations, Install the supplied software and adjust the computer settings before using this method for the first time p. All Images Playsall imageson the memorycard in order. Page 48 When you have many images recorded onto a memory canon s2 is manual pdf download, itishandy to use the four search keys b elow tojump o ver images tofind the object of your search.

This product is designed to achieve excellent performance when used with genuine Canon accessories.

canon s2 is manual pdf download Ahigh I SO speed allows you t oshoot images indark i ndoor oroutdoor conditions without maunal a nd also h elps prevent blurred images due t ocamera shake. Skin u ee this opttan to make skin tones da er. Page 45 Turn the mode lever to the right to set the camera to Playback mode. The power of the camera is off.

Colors other than t he color specified inthe LCD monitor are shot inblack and white. Registering Settings to the S hortcut Button PTv Av M Light metering measures the brightness of a subject.


The PhotoStitch program detects the overlapping portions of adjoining images and merges them, When composing shots, try to include distinctive item landmark in the overlapping portions. Page All d ata i sbased on Canon’s standard testing methods. Page 85 Select [Set Shortcut button] from [[] Rec.

AA-size Alkaline Canon s2 is manual pdf downloadapprox. Reformatting the SD card may solve the problem. A selection of images or all the images on an memory card can be displayed one- by-one in an automated slide show. Photo Tips and lnformation p. Attaching the Lens Cap Fit the lens cap over the lens casing so that it covers the entire lens.

When you are shooting still images in a My Colors mode, you can specify whether or not both the altered image and the original image are recorded, In the [r’;’l Rec. When your download is complete please use the instructions below to begin the installation of your download or locate your downloaded files on your computer.

Canon Powershot S2 IS Connection Manual

Activates shutter after an approx. Page 86 P Tv Av M You can freely select canon s2 is manual pdf download settings such as the shutter speed aperture value to suit your shooting purposes. Plays back the temporarily edited movie Thecamera evaluatescomplex lighting conditions,suchas the Evaluative position of the Page 10 Continued use of the equipment may result in fire or electrical shock.

Items marked with are Iists or charts that summarize camera functions procedures.

Canon S2 Manual

Page 62 You c an set t he self4imer delay and n umber ofshots tobe taken, In canon s2 is manual pdf download [ [] Rec. Settings that are usually forgotten when the shooting mode is changed or when the power is turned off such as Continuous Shooting and Self-timer mode are also remembered. If a n error code displays directly afier taking apicture, The pre-edit data is left unchanged.

Use of parts or supplies other than those sold by Canon U.

Page 38 The following downliad appear on the LCD monitor or viewfinder if it is set to information View display. Page This camera is equipped with a power saving function.

The camera divides images intoseveral zones for light metering.