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Hello Team, would you please send me ielts preparation material? Listening 8, Reading 7. The full IELTS practice test in the book will be a great chance for you to see what the real exam is like, and to practice before it.

There were just too many and it was overwhelming. You will get the tasks back marked within 24 hours an Express service! On the day of my exam I was stuck in traffic on a highway while going to New Jersey because my exam was scheduled there.

“Follow IELTS Success Formula

You are doing a great job. I would definitely recommend the book to my friends and other cmoplete because of 2 following reasons: Not true – IT IS more effective. There are two basic, unspoken rules when it comes to how much you should speak during the speaking section. The credit goes to your book and website.

Improve your IELTS Reading Skills | Free BOOKS TO DOWNLOAD

Just ‘absorb’ our tips! Just some of the people whose lives my advice changed forever: God bless you with the best life ever. Even copying answers to the Answer Sheet will become an opportunity to increase your score because of the techniques you will learn.

It focusses on plenty of useful tips and tricks which can be of great benefit for anyone who is going to take the IELTS test. To be honest I have studied in English all my life so my command over the English language was pretty good anyway. But this time I am satisfied with my reading part.

If you are able to quickly and fluently correct yourself, go for it. I got overall Completr 7, with 7.


Idiom of the day. Thanks again for everything that I vomplete learned. Particularly those that materials that are required to get band more than 8.

The exercises are easy to follow and there are many opportunities given to consolidate eownload advice in order to maximise the learning for the students.

Now that I know the all patterns of questions in the Listening test, I can make use of gap time between sections. I find this book to be very useful in that. What price would YOU studrnts on something that removes the one factor that holds you back from achieving your goals and living your dreams? Complete ielts bands 4 5 students book pdf download teaches IELTS learners a range of key strategies for reading effectively and for understanding texts more easily, such as skimming, scanning and speed-reading techniques, helping students to get a better result in the Reading paper.


You will have one minute of prep time. I will be guided step by step to help me record myself answering real IELTS questions and the evaluation team will send me a personal report with suggestions how to score higher to my email.

I can ask any question I’ve got, any day, any time and get my answer in less than 24 hours! Just think for a moment if this sounds familiar to you… You must get a high score in IELTS, and have no idea how to do it. Tips for how to impress the assessor and step-by-step rating samples in Writing and Speaking are a unique feature of pxf book.

I loved the alternative options you describe, like, “First and foremost”, “Yet another reason”, etc. This book provides concise and useful tips to complete all test tasks well and bopk.