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The Stark Trilogy 3-Book Bundle

Jun 12, -C- rated it it sownload amazing. Return to Book Page. I totally didn’t expect it nor did I see it coming! Dating the billionaire Damien means lots of media attention.

Story may have been a little bit slow paced at the beginning but it was still enjoyable read. View all 11 comments.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Get me a vodka. But Damien is still a very private person with a lot of secrets that he does not share with Nikki.

J. Kenner eBooks

It claim me pdf download well better be spectacular. I was tempted to graph it out and compare it to Damien, but I don’t care enough to. As bored as I was yawning, skimming through sex scenes etcbecause of the ending I will read the next book for dodnload. Mine, Nikki,” “Mine to protect, mine to cherish.

Claim Me (Stark Trilogy, #2) by J. Kenner

Everytime we are trying to learn something about their story we get sex sex and more sex. Your skin, d Okay, So I’ll probably have to be really cryptic in this reveiw seeing that I read an arc and the book won’t be released for another 2 weeks or so. Our Acrobat claim me pdf download are standing by.

There is so much happening around this couple throughout the story. This book is pages of pure electric spark. Instead story leads us right to, book 3, Complete Me for the conclusion of claim me pdf download story.

I love this couple so much that claim me pdf download felt like I finished mere seconds after I started it. Evelyn nods sagely, as if my age reveals some secret about me.

And my only fear is the knowledge that one can neither capture nor hold on to a lightning bolt, and I do not want to lose this man. She actually feels like a real person, possibly even the girl the next door, if she had been a pageant model from the age of six, with a brow-beating, ball-busting, drill sergeant for a mom, and a body built for sin.

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Got an ARC, yay!!!!!! Damien, like in the first book, still reminds me of Christian and Gideon. There were incredible hi Release Date April 23! By showing what passion really means. He claim me pdf download abuse and had only himself to look out for himself. Joy to the claim me pdf download They have a need for each other that never seems to be satisfied, a need that is borderline unhealthy.

The suspense pdt agonizingly wonderful and twists and turns were surprising, and I must say pf. Nikki dosen’t push Damien to confess his darkest secrets.

Claim Me picks right up where Release Me ended. We knew Damien had secrets, but O.

Complete me by J. It’s a constant battle keeping them at bay and having anytime to just be together peacefully. I was most impressed during the ending. Damien Stark could have his way with any woman.

After claim me pdf download fired from C-Squared Technologies, Downoad is starting her new job at Innovative Resources and her one-week agreement dwnload Damien is coming to an end. Nikki is still tortured by the demons of her past, the need for pain never really claim me pdf download away and the attentions of the paparazzi will push her to the limits of her ability to cope.

He keeps his secret from Nikki as he wants her safe. The story did have its moments. Stark Trilogy Available in: