I have tried every possible configuration to get my Windows Vista Ultimate Asus computer to communicate with my new Blueant T8 micro bluetooth headset to no avail. August 25, – Please tell if some one knows the solution. I have got BT working after much trial an error. Actually it’s not a major problem, but sometimes I’d like to send a file right away at the file itself rather than clicking the bluetooth icon again. August 4, – 2:

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Please tell if some one knows the solution. After reformating my laptop that msg don’t come out eblkin n i have to constantly click on “bluetooth file transfer wizard” to send EVERY single file i wish to send.

How do i control the laptop thru the phone and how do i get the laptop to connect BACK to the phone? What am I doing wrong?

After the transfer is complete, press the “Finish” button and that is it. Am using Belkin bluetooth usb adaptor f8t013 soleil BS for this purpose. Click the “Finish” button and test your connection.

There is an “Network and Internet” option in Control Panel in my version of Vista – maybe you are showing classic view, or perhaps you aren’t looking in Control Panel. If your PC doesn’t have Bluetooth built-in, you must buy a special dongle and install it by following this procedure: To connect internet i installed a software clalled Bluesoilel and a dongal.

Thanks for quick and easy summary on how to use the bluetooth between Vista and a mobile phone. But it doesnt show nowI dont know why. NONE of these screnes come up for me no matter what I do. I have got BT working after much trial an error.

But I assure you it is there. The belkin bluetooth usb adaptor f8t013 File Transfer Wizard” will pop up. Windows has drivers for most Bluetooth devices but if it is not able to find belkin bluetooth usb adaptor f8t013 suitable drivers for your device then you should install those that are bundled by the manufacturer.

In fact I’ve looked everywhere but there is no option at all showing Bluetooth, as my PC doesn’t have one integrated.

A bubble at the bottom pops at the bottle titles Bluetooth, “This service is not available”????????????????? I need to know how the connections should be made for a wireless device which is used to receive the signals from Satellite and communicates with the laptop for GPS purpose. BT partnerships are fickle.

January 27, – 5: Earlier when I set up my bluetooth connection and paired it with my phone. First of all, thank you for belkin bluetooth usb adaptor f8t013 this helpful information for us – this really helps! You know what I mean?

List of Working Bluetooth Devices – WiiBrew

March 18, – It was much easier to transfer and delete files blekin using that ftp connection built belkin bluetooth usb adaptor f8t013 Vistarather than the very cumbersome method described above.

Bluetooth Connection Testing Procedure The best way belkin bluetooth usb adaptor f8t013 test your Bluetooth connection is to send a picture or a file from the external device to the laptop and then from the laptop to the device. This becomes annoying when the sending files are in, let say, 5 levels sub-folders.

Anyone, please help, any ideas??? Wait for Windows to detect and install the device driver software.

Even though it won’t be able to find such drivers, don’t worry too much, there is still a chance that your Bluetooth connection will work. You don’t have the Bluetooth drivers installed You don’t have Bluetooth on your PC Belkin bluetooth usb adaptor f8t013 have Bluetooth and the drivers installed but maybe it is disabled for some reason.

How to setup a Bluetooth connection

April 10, – 5: I use Vista Ultimate. When I click on “Bluetooth devices” nothing happens. I didnt know how to conect to Internet using blth mobile. The T8 device is simply an earpiece, there is no driver software that I can find, and I can’t enter a password from the usv to the computer for obvious reasons, although I can enter belkin bluetooth usb adaptor f8t013 password into the computer.

Today we will show you how to setup a Bluetooth connection in Windows. April 12, – 1: