I now work only on laptops. No boot sector on internal hard drive. The output voltage must be exactly the same as on the original adapter. The only LED that lights is the one in the front that indicates the battery is charging. When we try to turn it on, the fan starts running, but nothing else happens.

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Laptop does not start. Fixing the problem. | Laptop Repair

I have a sony vgn s1xp similar towhich does toshiba satellite l305d-s5934 xp power up at all, no lights. Does it still take a few minutes to boot the laptop to the toshiba satellite l305d-s5934 xp logo or it appears right away? Here are some troubleshooting tips for you. My mum has a Dell laptop a few years old now and is having problems turing it on, otshiba will flash as though it satellitr tuning on but once she has put in her password the welcome screen just stays there.

Laptop does not start. Fixing the problem.

L305d-w5934 even tried satelilte up an external monitor still no display or sound. No LED light, no sound, etc. If not, you have either a bad AC adapter or a problem with the motherboard. Way cheaper than going to the manufacturer. Any sort of assistance is toshiba satellite l305d-s5934 xp appreciated. Oh, and I should mention that when it comes back on it will be in its vegetable state.

I just see blinking hdd and cdrom led,but no post. Remove the hard drive.

toehiba Remove the hard drive, DVD drive, wireless card, modem, battery and test it again. Take a look at the battery contacts on the motherboard, make sure they are clean. When i click the computer to start up, it makes a sound like the harddrive is starting up, then it clicks off and repeats this action. Toshiba satellite l305d-s5934 xp, my laptop is turning on but it is not starting.

If you cannot do that, find a known good AC adapter and use it for testing the laptop. Ad nothing happens there after. This could be software or hardware related failure. Try starting the laptop without battery installed. Wait for a couple of minutes, plug in the power adapter and l305-ds5934 turning it on again.

toshiba satellite l305d-s5934 xp

Batterie ordinateur portable pour Toshiba Satellite C | 01

There could be a problem with the power button and the board has to be replaced. If it stays on, most likely you have a problem with the hard drive and have to replace it.

Wait for a while and try turning it on again. Toshiba satellite l305d-s5934 xp I depress the Power Button for the required time the system will shut down. Removed all peripherals, hard- rebooted, nothing.

Other LED lights were not turning on or flashing e.

Unplug the AC adapter, remove the battery and wait for minutes. If the same happens with the external video intermittent videoyou problem could be related to the memory.

Batterie ordinateur portable

In the meantime, any other ideas how on what to test? How to troubleshoot dead laptops. I also did start up repair I have all the right drivers I am sure! When i start my computer all i can satelilte on my screen is my chosen wall paper, no start menu, toolbars or shortcuts.

David Surgenor, Check toshiba satellite l305d-s5934 xp power adapter. Probably you have a faulty hard drive.