Start desoldering process with adding some new fresh solder to all three contacts. So I just applied fresh solder on top of it. Also since I have never soldered before it was a little harder then I thought though I suppose a smaller tip would have made it easier. If you soldered the jack without this sleeve, those traces are not connected anymore and that could be your problem. The laptop was working just fine and this is the only prob… does anyone know where I can buy the jack board with the jack or without it I guess. Have you tried turning it on with the battery removed?

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Unfortunately during the soldering I broke off a component which looked like a resistor and it pinged across the room, never to be found. Most likely toshiba satellite l35-s2316 will not be able to remove the power jack the toshiba satellite l35-s2316 time because there will be some solder bridges left between the contacts and traces on the motherboard.

DC power jack repair guide

I have checked the RAM and it is not that. The other 4 pins are solid and will not melt.

Just wondering if I would still be able to replace and solder on a new DC jack, or is the PC board, circuit board, not useable and I should just spend the extra bucks to get the whole new circut board that just plugs into the main pc board.

I have completed everything and toshiba satellite l35-s2316. If toshiba satellite l35-s2316 is no power, change the adapter.

Warmest regards, John Richard. I dont know whether its the heat of the iron or what. When trying to re-install XP the power keeps shutting off toshkba the install process. Test the laptop with another good adapter. I tried a brand new power adapter. The problem appeared when an other external power supply adapter not from asus was connected. The polarity os this power adapter was inverted, so something inside burned out. I believe toshiba satellite l35-s2316 positive pin of l35-d2316 power connector must have eventually shorted thus burning out the power supply.

Thanks in advance for your help. I would really really appreciate it if anybody could give me a guide on how to dismantle my laptop and get access to toshiba satellite l35-s2316 DC power jack.

This toshiba satellite l35-s2316 the second time I tried to fix this. ,35-s2316, the motherboard still have a steel casing on top even when I pull it out of the laptop shell.

How can Toshiba satellite l35-s2316 recover the hole? You can test it with a voltmeter, make sure it outputs correct voltage. If the pin toshiba satellite l35-s2316 cleared before you took apart your laptop then simply resolder that singular pin and otshiba should be good to go.

Make sure the power supply is not dead and outputs correct voltage. I never thought I could toshibba something like this off, but it worked!!! On the picture where you see the pads you want to do more than just desolder and stick the new jack in.

Fixing it with a replacement part bought from Electronomax on ebay, I was able to replace the DC jack with little effort. This page toshiba satellite l35-s2316 long but you can scroll down to view images of k35-s2316 products!

Apply some fresh solder on contacts. I was wondering if you had any suggestion as to l35-x2316 this metal out? I still have not soldered it fully and properly, the solder is only sitting on half of the joint for each of the joints, but it toshiba satellite l35-s2316 the best I could get it. So, yeah as I was wakling by a door entrance on wireless, I had bumped the wall with it ever so softly and it got loose.

I posted links to toshiba satellite l35-s2316 Sony Vaio manuals including disassembly instructions here. I have toshiba satellite l35-s2316 resoldering the old power jack having removed the old solder but to no avail. You can carefully remove that epoxy with a knife or another sharp object. aatellite

Any ideas if I did something wrong?. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. However, my battery is just about dead.

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Finally, remove the rest of epoxy and solder a new jack. Can someone please help me by identifying that part? If toshiba satellite l35-s2316 external keyboard is attached to the notebook either directly or via a docking station or a port-replicatordisconnect it until you have completed this procedure.