For full Linux support see http: This one has the ability to control 4 devices PC, TV, Sat, Amp and can be programmed using the manufacturer codes database supplied. Manufactured by Acowin Industrial Limited; see http: See Using a Microsoft remote control in Windows for details. It isn’t very configurable and certain buttons don’t work as they should:

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The left press causes the video to jump back 30 seconds. It is no good for typing. Fintek ehome transceiver remote works out of the box on a vanilla install of Ubuntu These remotes usually work by emulating a fintek ehome transceiver, that is when you press a button on the remote Kodi receives a key press just as if a key had been pressed on the keyboard. The keyboard has a very nice feel, though the mouse nipple is hard to use.

List of MCE remote controls – Official Kodi Wiki

It also simulates a mouse including mouse buttons, although it’s no match for a proper mouse or trackpad. For full Linux support see http: This is because they send a bunch of fintek ehome transceiver ctrl, shift, arrow, letter “B” etc. Power button is captured through a different interface. Update 12th June XBMC has all the required keyboard mappings for these remotes so they should work out of the box.

It also has the ability to learn functions from other remotes to replace any of transfeiver buttons, making it very versatile once customised fintek ehome transceiver your home cinema setup. Fintek ehome transceiver, this prevents the computer from shutting down, the key still doesn’t make it into Kodi.

Dell – No Logos on remote or receiver and no TV standby or volume learning ability. I recommend you to uninstall a driver first. Most keys are functioning correctly and 4 colored keys can be tranceiver by adding the following entries in keymap. This will work on Windows I’ve tested on XP and 7 with fintsk Microsoft receiver or a compatible receiver like the HP the remote does not come fontek a receiver though need a minor registry tweak. Maplin UK also sell an own-brand remote control product code N18HC that seems to be identical, and it is also sold as Fintek ehome transceiver However they usually cannot be configured so they have some limitations.

Compatible with the MS remote. Similar to the buttons to the Microsoft MCE remote, but eohme a full fintek ehome transceiver and a ‘nipple’ for moving the mouse. The top left Internet Explorer key can’t be trapped through keyboard. Other than this there’s no significance fintek ehome transceiver the order of finrek reviews.

It is auto-detected as a keyboard and mouse. Any progress in install a driver? The receiver Model number: The default behavior is to pop up a notification with the key combination passed. Holding Alt fintek ehome transceiver the keyboard and pressing Power button on the remote does send “sleep” command to Kodi. To get it to work on Windows you need to configure it to simulate key-presses. The remotes in this section all use the Microsoft eHome driver on Windows.

Transceivre type of remote is supported out of the box by Kodi Live. If there is transceifer service pack for your Operating System, I recommend install the service pack before install your driver. Some additional info regarding the red power button of this remote:. Microsoft – Microsoft Logo at fintek ehome transceiver of remote and on receiver. Cheap and cheerful remote. This may be due to newer chipsets or firmware z97, ASRock. This generates a keypress with fintek ehome transceiver ascii value 35 i.