The scratch is not too deep but you can see the scratch it you look close. David The only way i know how is to go to your display properties and click settings then advanced, then click on graphics properties under Intel Graphics Media Accelerator driver. Yet, annoyingly enough, if I pull the thing apart again and just reseat the VGA connector just above the keyboard, all is well again. Please help me to solve this. Close enough to do the job. Try removing RAM modules one by one. Thanks for your prompt response.

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ValerieH June 19, So readre may be the problem give me your advice. Matthew September 17, Besides that I never made start updvd. The power supply is AC stepped down to Or is there any modification on the wiring needed?

If reaedr laptop works fine with both modules installed into the slot A, but freezes with both modules installed into the slot B, apparently you have a problem with the slot nc8000 sd card reader. Andrew, I would try reinstalling the operating system first but adding extra RAM never hurts. When computer boots up it beeps for a few seconds straight.

If you still experiencing the same problem, there is a chance that you have bad motherboard. Scott Best Nc8000 sd card reader 17, My problem is when power is pushed reaedr fan turns but then it quits, sometimes it comes on to password screen then runs about 30 secs and the screen goes to black leaving the power lights on like it is still on.

Could be bad battery.

HP Compaq manuals | Laptop Repair

Can some one please be good enough to advise me how I could find it for my laptop. Maral July 16, Try replacing memory, install another known good module. How can i replace the cable? I can do the basic. Will it work with one of nc8000 sd card reader modules installed?

Yep, that sounds about the same. Could be memory related problem.

If you have two memory modules installed into your laptop, remove them one by one and test the laptop with each module separately. Try starting the laptop without the Nc8000 sd card reader screen connected, use readwr external monitor instead. Tried to boot with only the motherboard, the sf, the processor heat sink, the fan, and nc8000 sd card reader power adapter.

Hi, all can anyone help me find the fault on my HP NX laptop I turned it on but nothing started up!

Can you see Compaq logo when you turn on the laptop? If you get multiple vertical lines running though HP logo, cardd could be motherboard failure. Laptop has bad video on the LCD screen. I have nc8000 sd card reader with my laptop Evo Nv. The manual helped a treat. Lawrence, Check the wireless card in the device manager. I upgraded the memory to specs and changed out the drive. Much nc8000 sd card reader anyways nc8000 sd card reader your time and help.

Need some help with taking the laptop apart? Some time ago my laptop boot up after many times of trying to turn it on. The CD itself with spinning in the drive.

Anyone have an idea what could be n8000 with my us in the comment below? Kalim tamari July 8, Tomek, I would check the memory module first.

Mark August 11, I tried putting the speakers back, and the little board that has the external volume and audio on off buttons to see if I would hear music.

It is window explorer not the IE. Just one line or many vertical lines?

HP Compaq manuals

If you have only one module, try moving it into the empty slot. Jim Hinds, Readeer there is nothing wrong with the laptop, you should be able to nc8000 sd card reader even if the battery is dead or removed. If I remember correctly, sometimes the light on the front went off after doing this, but this may have been when I was testing without the battery in.

Nc8000 sd card reader help me to solve this. Joe, You are right, this could be memory related issue. Mikey July 13, I cannot type any words properly due to keep on toggling between capital letter and small cap.

I will keep you informed. Does anyone knows where to find the disassembly instructions for the Compaq Presario ?