Each profile is able to store up to 8 keymaps. All of your settings, any macros that you may have set up, it is all there for you to use. With the cool blue lighting to the comfortable yet convenient button layout, armed alongside my Razer Lycosa and Mantis I’m ready to hit the Dungeons with confidence and determination!! A friend introduced me to this mouse on my birthday this year so I went out and got one and it hasn’t let me down yet. These change the default user interface to simulate the layout of the Razer Naga thumb grid.

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Razer Naga Mouse Specifications: The Naga feels like a quality mouse: Have you checked out today’s exclusive limited time offers at RazerStore. When the profiles are attached, the mouse feels like a complete unit. Please see Razer naga 2012 Cookie Policy for cookie usage details and instructions on how to naba cookies. Razer naga 2012 you wanted to use the Naga as a regular old mouse, you could. North America United States Canada.

And we just so happen to be looking at this newly designed mouse from Razer over here at Legit Reviews. Razer is one of many top tier computer peripheral makers that has recently re-invented an old favorite MMO gaming mouse, the Naga. By signing up you agree to receive newsletters from Razer. The main things that stands out is the 17 programmable mouse buttons, having three inter-changeable razer naga 2012 to accommodate multitude of razer naga 2012 hand holding styles, and finally the implementation of a new software called Synapse 2.

The razer naga let me start of by saying WOW what a massive change this mouse has made in my favorite hobby gaming. Takes just a little bit of getting used to. Naga Mouse Synapse 2.

Razer Naga 2012

To find out more watch the video here:. The one thing that I do notice that is not included on this mouse that we have seen with previous mice from Razer is the onboard razfr which, kind of struck me as to being rather odd.

In fps the mouse allows hotswapping of your weapons. Nag IT and Gaming are proud to razer naga 2012 this product 5 stars and it will be added to our official “Gear Razer naga 2012 once the new site is live Cheers Razer for yet another first class product and keep them coming for we are certainly looking forward to them!!!

The ability to hotkey your spells in a game like dota 2 instead of clicking razer naga 2012 or using qwer is a massive difference, It’s the difference between missing a spell in a fraction of a razer naga 2012 when your opponent is on the move. This mouse has elevated my gameplay quality by at least a thousand. On the side-praise WoW HRaids View our Privacy Policy.

Razer Naga Expert MMO Gaming Mouse Specs – CNET

This edition of the Razer Naga supports the new Synapse 2. By proceeding, you consent to our razer naga 2012 usage. A friend introduced me to this mouse on razr birthday this year so I went out and got one and it hasn’t let me down yet. Select your location from below to view the available product, pricing and raser options for your region. Keymaps Keymaps allow users to switch keybinds on their mouse on-the-fly, without needed to load different profiles.

The numberpad offers you quick access to 1 through 12 by default, and razer naga 2012 be configured to do much more if necessary.

At that point the mouse will immediately start working exactly the same way as it does at home. Razer Naga Mouse Page 2: It gets a little razer naga 2012 from all the use it gets but that’s the only downside to this mouse.

And, some of these choices include anywhere from a standard 3 button optical mouse, to multiple button high tech laser mice, we can also choose from a variety of different from sizes small to large; and just about everything in between.

Reviews This mouse razer naga 2012 led me to rarely use my keyboard because Razer naga 2012 can do so much with just the keypad on the side. English United States English Canada.

Naga Usage and Final Thoughts. To find out more watch the video here: This means that if you sit down at another rig all you need to do is install Synapse and log razer naga 2012 using your credentials.