I need help and am too ashamed to ask my own team to help: It had asked to remove it, I did that and rebooted. I would greatly appreciate any help or advise on getting the sound out of the line out jack. Would this sound card work in my PC? Finally, the sigmatel audio driver is also spitting out the same error. That would have been the best and easiest way if you have the Dell partition.

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Afterware, it asked me to install it and i did that. The installation package for this file was developed while the prevalent installation of Windows XP was still Service Pack 2.

Resetting the BIOS worked and i have sound now! With other attempts, if I blow or tap on the mic, it records but when I speak, it does not record!

As far as I can ascertain, I have integrated audio and video. Dell dimension c521 audio recently formatted my computer which meant i lost all my drivers and such. Dimemsion needs to be brought up to “line level” to have a proper input level for a computer sound device whether the Integrated audio or a separate sound card.

The device manager doesn’t see the card dell dimension c521 audio all. Dell XPS – Audio only working in certain programs. The problem is that the recordings are very muffled. If that is what you have, you don’t want to be using the Sigmatel driver.

This dell dimension c521 audio is usually related to the procedure for installation of drivers. However, I did find this gadget by doing some Googling.

At the moment, all the sound controls on audi PC are set so high that when I move my cursor around the screen or click on icons, I can hear various sounds through the speakers — this has never happened before!

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I am using ear buds to check for sound. As you want it for “vocals and guitar” you are facing several issues with a PC sound card. If you are using a separate sound card, the microphone volume level is controlled by dell dimension c521 audio sound card, not the PC. One day, it had magically started working on the diagnostics, appeared on the hardware manager, and the driver installed fine.

Dell XPS – Audio only working in certain programs. All forum topics Previous Topic Dell dimension c521 audio Topic. I was thinking about your past suggestion about using a preamp to bring up the signal from my guitar to line level.

If you didn’t install the chipset drivers that is probably the problem. First, i downloaded the AMD diver.

However, the gain seems to be far too high because the noise from just handling the mic comes through my speakers very loudly and it is very easy to get a screeching feedback noise if the mic is anywhere near the speakers. When I check the sounds and audio devices menu, in the control panel, it says there is no audio device installed.

Also, when the installation has finished, do perform a restart to ensure that all changes take effect properly. What does the Device Manager show for Audio?

Dell dimension c521 audio out a two channel recording interface on sites such as www. Second, i alread have the dell dimension c521 audio installed.

Download Dell Dimension C Sigmatel Audio Driver for Windows XP

Dell Forum member since So, it seems that the front USB ports still work for other devices but not sound? It is highly recommended to always use the most recent driver version available. Hello, i have a dell dimension E Unless you have a reason that you want dell dimension c521 audio keep dell dimension c521 audio on the disk, I would use the Windows Setup program to delete the idmension I was planning to use for the install and re-create it.

No Audio Post Clean Install. The only reason I did a clean install was because a nasty bit of rootkit, zeroaccess to be specific, and several others, found their way into my computer and completely cut off all internet access by removing my AFD drivers and.